Bleach Quotes

1) Because we are amorphous we hold that in reverence, thus the blade is swung. Tite Kubo
2) Why are all of them worrying about me when they’re about to die… makes me who’s scared for myself… look stupid! Kurosaki Ichigo
3) If destiny is made of gears and we are the sand in between that is torn apart, there’s nothing left but being powerless. I want power. Kurosaki Ichigo
4) If I cannot protect by just extending my hand, I want a blade so I reach in front of them. Kurosaki Ichigo
5) The power to crush destiny looks like a blade that is swung down. Kurosaki Ichigo
6) I’m not that nice of a person to be able to sacrifice myself for total strangers… unfortunately I’m not trash that can live happily without paying back his debts. Looking at her wears me out because you start worrying. Kurosaki Ichigo
7) Do you know why the big brother was born first? It’s to protect the little brothers and sisters that come after him. Kurosaki Ichigo
8) It’s the same, those that die and those that survive, are just as sad as the other. Kurosaki Ichigo
9) People have hope because they can’t see death standing behind them. Tite Kubo
10) If I were rain, could I connect to someone’s heart, as the rain unite the eternally separated earth and sky? Tite Kubo
11) Anger can dull the blade. Grand Fisher
12) Live well, age well and go bald well. And if you can, die smiling. If I can’t, I won’t be able to face Masaki. Kurosaki Isshin
13) Sadness is a cool thing to shoulder (but you’re still too young). Kurosaki Isshin
14) I want to become strong and defeat him, otherwise I won’t be able to face mom. Kurosaki Ichigo
15) We come together like drops of water, like astral bodies, we oppose each other, like magnets, like the colors of the skin. Tite Kubo
16) Allow me to die protecting you. Don Kanonji
17) Look, the azure sky that crushes us licks up our spines. Tite Kubo
18) Unless I grip the sword I cannot protect you, while I’m gripping the sword I cannot embrace you. Tite Kubo
19) For the sake of revenge , lead us to death. Tite Kubo
20) Yes, we have no destiny. Only those swallowed up by ignorance and fear who take false steps, shall plunge us into the muddy waters called “destiny”. Tite Kubo
21) Love, companionship, relationship… nothing but saddening emotions. Kuchiki Rukia
22) We must never shed tears. That is living form of defeat and if we give in to the emotions then it only becomes proof of our inability to control it. Tite Kubo
23) Don’t use other people as an excuse to kill yourself. Urahara Kisuke
24) We stretch out both of our arms… pass through the clouds, straight to the sky… even though the Moon and Mars… we still cannot touch the truth. Tite Kubo
25) When you’re dodging you’re afraid of getting hit, when you’re attacking you’re afraid of hitting me and when you’re protecting someone you’re afraid of them dying. Your sword is filled with fear! If you dodge, “I won’t let them cut me”.
If you protect someone, “I won’t let them die”.
If you attack, “I’ll cut them”. Urahara Kisuke
26) The reason we think flowers on the precipice are beautiful, is because we are standing on the precipice as well. Do not fear, because we are like the flowers, we do not fall off. Tite Kubo
27) Though time moves only one way, we can still relive those days in our mind. Tite Kubo
28) Remember this well. There are 2 types of fights and we must know the difference when we engage ourselves to battle. To protect life and the fight to protect pride… Ukitake Juushiro
29) I have always been afraid…always been pretending follow you closely, always been pretending to sharpen my teeth, when the truth is, I am afraid … to death just treading on your shadow. Abarai Renji
30) It’s like the story of … the monkey trying to capture the moon. However close he thinks he is to the moon… it is just the reflection of the moon in the middle of the lake. No matter how he struggles to capture that moon, he inevitably sinks to the bottom of the lake at the end to no avail. (your fangs will never be able to reach me) Kuchiki Byakuya
31) Compared to letting it fall apart, trying to hold it together is so much more difficult. Ayasegawa Yumichika
32) No matter how experienced a fighter is, after he is stripped of light, he can’t help but fear the darkness. No matter how slight that fear is, the fighter’s movements will be slowed down. Tousen Kaname
33) Admiration leads you astray from the truth. Aizen Sousuke
34) Devastation has been spawned from the gates of hell. Tite Kubo
35) Since the begging, no one has ever stood in the heavens, neither you nor I , not even God himself. Aizen Sousuke
36) Look! The sky always gives birth to hope. Tite Kubo
37) Thank you, because of you the rain has stopped falling. Zangetsu
38) Battles are different from quarrels. And if both sides end up living it definitely ain’t over. Zaraki Kenpachi
39) Think you can tell me the difference between the king and his horse? And don’t even think about saying some kid’s riddle answer… “because one has 2 legs and the other 4 or some shit like that”. It’s about the form, the ability and then the power!! Almost like the two could have been the same existence at one point!! But then the one that fights to rise to the top becomes the king! Whichever one is leftover to become the horse lending it’s power to the former!………. There’s only one answer. INSTINCT!!!
A vital tool for someone who has equal power but wishes to seek out something more. With this, the user will naturally be drawn to battle… be drawn to more power… and use such to mercilessly obliterate his enemies beyond any hope of recognition!! Slicing them into pieces, mangling them… all of this brought on by an absolute raw hunger for battle!! Our skin is peeled off.. our meat scooped out.. bones crushed, nerves nullified!! Every part of us, chiseled down to the very core!! All in order to further sharpen our killing instinct!! Hollow Ichigo
40) Do you need a reason to battle? Quit screwing around ! You’re the one who sought out this battle. You’re the one who seeks power! And for bastards who seek nothing but power, all they do is jump from one battle to another, with no exceptions . Do you keep fighting to get that power within the palm of your hands? Or are you seeking power so that you can keep fighting? Hell if I know but… There is ONE thing I do get! Somehow, we’re both the exact type of person!! We’re always gonna keep on searching for fights! Use your own instinct to search out these battles… that’s just because there’s no other way.. to get that power you so desire. Battle onwards! Get a grip on that overbearing power of yours, pick up your sword, and cut down all those who stand in your way!! There’s no other road that exists for you. All that’s in front of you and everything behind you ( Ichigo! ) Battle!!! Zaraki Kenpachi
41) In battles, the ones that will get in the way are not the ones that have no power, they are the ones that have no resolve for battle. Kuchiki Rukia
42) The “How to” is not important, it is the “How do you want to do it” that is. Hachigen
43) Even if you’re not walking the same paths in life, having friends is a good thing. Ukitake Juushiro
44) Black passion vs. White pride. Tite Kubo
45) The sky splits as if it was sneering, what appeared were the bringers of white darkness. Tite Kubo
46) The arm of darkness is infinitely deep. Tite Kubo
47) Therefore let me inform you — all dreams are to be thrown away. Tite Kubo
48) Don’t ask anything. Don’t say anything. You have no rights to anything. The only thing that you have grasping in your hand is the throats of your comrades that rest on the guillotine which string you hold. That’s all. This isn’t negotiation. It’s an order!! Ulquiorra
49) I hate men that talk too much… You just love the sound of your voice. How pathetic! Matsumoto Rangiku
50) This is the end. There is no way for you to intervene. The sun has already sunken into our grasp. Ulquiorra
51) If they swing their swords because of their “orders” then I will unleash my punches for the sake of my “bonds” and I’ll shoot my arrows for the sake of my “pride”. Tite Kubo
52) For all those who were born from fear… the path of the fearless one shines as brightly as the moonlight. Hollow
53) We! Are about to head to the battlefield!! Believe, our blades will not shatter. Believe, our souls will not be cut! Even if our steps separate our iron will remains solid! Promise! Even if the ground splits, we will come back alive to this place! Abarai Renji
54) Whispered wishes and the heart’s desire… The silent resolve! Tite Kubo
55) You must realize that the only way to standup to the coldhearted.. is to become coldhearted yourself. Doldooni
56) Even if the heart wavers- The dance and the blade tip remain steady!! Tite Kubo
57) You—Don’t Give In To Death Tite Kubo
58) Every time you and I connect with each other a little bit of heart is born between us. Heart isn’t something inside you. But whenever you think, whenever you remember someone, that’s when heart is born. If you were the only one alive in the whole world, your heart wouldn’t exist, now would it? There’s no reason to worry. If you truly want to be here from the bottom of your heart, the your heart is definitely here. And if your heart is here, then… that’s “the reason for you to be here.” And… one last thing. Whenever you fight from this point on, there is one thing that you must never do. Don’t die Alone! Our bodies are our spirits too so when we die, our bodies will disintegrate and become part of the reishi that form Soul Society. And when that time comes, where will your heart go? You entrust your heart to your nakama. If you entrust it to your nakama, then your heart… will live on within them. Kuchiki, that’s why… you must never, ever, ever… DIE ALONE. Shiba Kaien
59) Faced with such power… hope is crushed. Tite Kubo
60) To analyze is my pleasure – and for that purpose, it doesn’t trouble me if you are reduced to dust. Tite Kubo (Szayel Aporro Grantz)
61) They live in different worlds, that fact rings true in the past and in the future, but for now they unite – Tite Kubo
62) The burdens of the past, the obstacles overcome, to take control of his future… he cannot be defeated!! Tite Kubo
63) Innocent… just how she is. Pure… just how she remains. Tite Kubo
64) Beings with reason need a true purpose to fight one another. Nel
65) The intersection of goals can only be born from an intersection of interests. Szayel Aporro Grantz
66) The difference between us does not lie in power. It’s a difference of experience! The place where killing intent and instinct destroy reason: Las Noches. Tite Kubo
67) Decapitation is the only true way to confirm a kill. Zomari
68) If your mind is disturbed, pray with your heart. Tite Kubo (Zomari)
69) Allow me to take your pride and pulverize it through the very core of your being. Zomari
70) Everything has a certain “sovereignty” to it. Underlings are controlled by their leaders. Citizens are controlled by their kings. Clouds are controlled by the wind. Moonlight is controlled by the sun. Zomari
71) Your irritation has narrowed your vision (tainting your reputation as the fastest Espada) Kuchiki Byakuya
72) Concluding who is evil or not is merely due to your conceit and your belief that justice lies in the palm of your hands!!! Zomari
73) The only reason I am slaying you is because you had the audacity to raise your blade against my pride/ because you aspired to cut my pride… with such a dull blade… ( two versions, different translation groups) Kuchiki Byakuya
74) Immortality… perfection… that how the cycle goes. Transcendence of death, but rather seeing death as a part cycle of life. So that “death” will not be what separates our souls from our bodies… I exist as a being without any interruption in the cycle of life and death! That which is called a “perfect existence” Szayel Aporro Grantz
75) Let it be of foul, not of praise. Let it be of fear not of affection. That is my resurrection. Szayel Aporro Grantz
76) My… do you think a master would really allow… one of his tools to defy him so easily? Kurotsuchi Mayuri
77) Perfection does not exist in this world. It m like a cliché, but it’s true. Only mediocre fools will lust for perfection and seek it out. However what meaning is there in “perfection” ? Perfection disgusts me. After perfection there exists nothing higher. Not even room for “creation”, which means there is no room for wisdom and talent either. To scientists like ourselves, perfection is despair. Even if something is created that is more magnificent than anything before, it still however will be far from perfect furthermore, we must become beings capable of drawing pleasure from such. Kurotsuchi Mayuri
78) In short, the instant that absurd word “perfection” came out of your lips, you had already been defeated by me. Kurotsuchi Mayuri
79) Always solving, always breaking apart, always creating… That is a wish for despair. Tite Kubo
80) Those on the battlefield are like beasts fighting over raw meat. If you force your way in, you’ll just be eaten by them both. Don’t you think getting eaten by a beast is the most foolish death there is? Kurotsuchi Mayuri
81) Do you know, a sword is not just something you wave around with one hand, but is grasped with two for it’s true strength./ Did ya know? Swords, right… if you hold them in both hands, they’re stronger than if you just hold them in one.
Zaraki Kenpachi
82) I’m frankly shocked… even after becoming an Espada, you are little more than a child. Nel
83) … I didn’t help you I just prevented the Espada from losing a member… by putting to your ridiculous suicidal conduct. Nel
84) Weakness, he despised. Strength, he desired. And now… he falls. Tite Kubo
85) Before a battle alcohol’s weaker than water. Nnoitra
86) Before I hit the ground from a death blow, I’d be dead already. That’s the type of death I want. Nnoitra
87) It’s impossible to feel exactly the same as someone else, but you can treasure your friends and keep them close in your heart. I think that’s what it means to make your hearts as one. Inoue Orihime
88) What is a heart? If I rip open your chest, will I see it? If I crack open your skull, will I find it in there? Ulquiorra
89) Now get on with it, with the best solution to the worst situation (that you’d thought of since you first he about this from Hirako). Shihouin Yoruichi
90) Kisuke said- “There were no miscalculations. That was my biggest miscalculation.” Everything proceeded just as expected… to the worst outcome. Hirako Shinji
91) The reason you’re lying there right now is all thanks to the fact that you knew nothing about me. Aizen Sousuke
92) Perhaps you should apologize to your friends, because you chose me, your friends are lying here now. Aizen Sousuke
93) Thank you for rising to my slight provocation. Aizen Sousuke
94) The you can see is trivial. What is truly fearsome, is the betrayal you don’t see. Aizen Sousuke
95) It’s a captain’s job, to have faith . Kyouraku Shunsui
96) They don’t know the future. For now they just move forward. Each aiming for their own truth. Tite Kubo
97) I am myself. Even if the whole world should change. Tite Kubo
98) If the head of the clan Kuchiki can get his hair tie stolen by a girl at play then I worry about the future of the clan! Shihouin Yoruichi
99) What part of touch me and you’ll lose your family jewels you don’t understand? Sarugaki Hiyori
100) Whatever makes you mad or not mad is only something change. They call it “having a change of heart” or something. Urahara Kisuke
101) The feelings of those below should not be considered by the one who stands on top even if the one on top understands those feelings. Hirako Shinji
102) Would it kill you to act your age? Love
103) Who died and made you king Love? Going around smacking law abiding lieutenants, who don’t fall your jurisdiction, upside their heads! Hiyori
104) A role model as always captain. I to see you once again chose to take the high road. Aizen Sousuke
105) Hell must have frozen over, you’re actually on time, Shunsui-san. Love

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